If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it.



Dreamland Designs – JTDD Bohemian Hanging Chair

Dreamland Designs-Joolee Tee Exclusive For Ultra Event.
This is a Original Mesh Collaboration Of Dreamland Designs & Joolee Tee. Available in Adult & PG Comes with a texture changer wich has 3 different color sets.

Event Starts the 15th of October

Event Taxi

Sweet dreams



Dreamland Designs – JT/DD Lushy Gothic Wrought Iron Bedroom Set

In Collaboration between Joolee Tee & Dreamland Designs is this an exclusive for the Swank Event. This set includes Bed Available In PG & Adult, Nightstands Lamps, Wrought Iron Star, The Chair wich is Available in PG &Adult Plus Vampire and Thron on Adult.

Event starts october 6th

Event taxi.